Alexa, “Pay for my gas”

See how you can have Alexa pay for my gas

      Insert your debit card to pay, pump reads see cashier!

This inconvenience can be frustrating. Imagine you could have Alexa activate the pump for you with a simple voice command, Well you’re in luck! You don’t have to imagine anymore, it is now possible.

      Use the Alexa app on your phone, an echo auto, or Alexa enabled device in your car to fill up your tank. This technology was made possible for you by Amazon Pay. This feature is available worldwide at any Mobil and Exon gas stations.

The smart way to pay for gas

Touch-Free Payments

Forgot your wallet at home? It’s happened to all of us, just one of those days. With your voice, all your payments can happen inside your car, through Alexa technology.

Secure Payment Method

Swiping your card and remembering your

 billing zip code is so last year

Now, with Amazon Pay, it’s all stored safely in your Amazon account.

It’s Just A Pit Stop After All

With a streamlined process, you can now get back on the road and get moving quicker. Save time with Alexa pay for gas. Voice-activated payments at the pump.

It all sounds great but how does it work?

       3 Easy Steps to Pay Hands-Free

1. Say “ Alexa pay for gas”

After pulling up to the pump at the gas station, you can connect with Alexa & Amazon Pay by opening the Alexa app on your phone or through the Alexa echo auto.

 2. Activate The Pump

Follow Alexa’s prompts to say which pump number you are using, confirm the gas station location, and when you’re ready activate the pump.

 3. Fill Up & Go

Once the pump is activated fill your tank and get back on the road. Payment is handled automatically. Amazon Pay makes it easier for you.

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 Now i see but i still have a few questions


Q: How do I select my preferred fuel grade?

A: You don’t need to tell Alexa your fuel grade. You can select it the way you normally would do so.

Q: Can Alexa stop the fuel pump for me

A: No, it’s not possible for Alexa to stop the pump. This must be done manually.

Q: Can I get gas rewards?

A: If your default card provides gas rewards. Then you’ll earn rewards the same way as using the physical card.

Q: Will I earn gas brand reward points? 

A: No

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