When to rotate your tires

Rotate your tires on a regular basis! It is widely recommended to rotate the tires on a car every 5,000 miles. That means a tire should be rotated at least four times a year.

To keep your tires in good condition and to avoid any sudden blowouts, it is vital to rotate them regularly.

Tire rotation is an important part of vehicle maintenance that every driver should practice. Whether it’s getting it done at the shop or doing it yourself. Here is a guide for my DIY enthusiasts, who are not afraid to get down and dirty (although this is not a messy job). For those who want to acquire knowledge, save money, with the additional benefit of guiding someone else through. I am sure there was a time you were appreciative of someone’s guidance, in turn minimizing the frustrations of countless failed attempts.


I was once told “you can’t throw something on the wall and just hope that it sticks. You have to be diligent enough to do your research, and be humble enough to ask for help, and ask questions if you don’t understand something.”

Sometimes we wish to think we know everything, but this is simply not true. Its part of being a human being no one is perfect.

Regularly rotating your tires will help even out their varied wear patterns over time, it also extends the life of your tires and ups maximum the tread providing more control in the rain or snow.

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First you need to determine whether you have directional or non-directional tires as this will determine your rotation method.

Directional tires means they can only rotate in one direction, so they must remain on the same side of the vehicle but can be moved from front to back.

Non-Directional tires can be rotated all the way around the vehicle to help minimize traction.

For those who familiar with the word traction, it is the adhesive friction on some surface.

DIY Tire Rotation

Everything needed to rotate your own tires!

Practicing good car habits & maintenance

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  1. Engage the emergency brake.

  2. Working your way around the vehicle, loosen the lug nuts on all the wheels, but do not remove them completely.

  3. Starting at the front, slide the jack into position under vehicle factory recommended lift point and raise the car until the front tires just clear the ground.

  4. Raise the car until it clears the height of the jack stands.

  5. Place the stand into position under the car near the front wheel and repeat the action on the rear of the vehicle.

7. Lower the car to rest on the stands and lock them into place. starting on one side of the vehicle, remove both the front and rear tires. then swap them, so that the tire on the rear is now on the front and vice versa.

8. Push tires into place so that they fit securely over the wheel bones. Finger tighten the lug nuts.

9. Lower the vehicle, raise the car off the jack stands and remove them very slowly.

10. Once the car has reach the ground, remove the jack and use a lug wrench or impact drill to tightly secure nuts.

11. To make sure the wheels amount evenly, do this in a star pattern. Put your bodyweight behind the wrench to get a snug fit when rotating your own tires.  It’s not only a great way to make them last longer, it’ll also save you money too.

This article will show you how to rotate your tires.





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